EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
This amazing method can quickly reduce negative emotions from our thoughts, which would then leave us feeling released, light and relieved. You will be taught this method during your treatments so that you can use it for yourself anywhere and at anytime.
The Work
The idea of this simple technique of asking 4 questions and then turning them around is to bring you to absolute peace and understanding of yourself.  I believe that when we fully understand who we are and accept ourselves, we will automatically release all judgments of ourselves and others. This is one of the tools that you will be taught to use, to release anger and judgment of others.Acutonics
The idea of this method is based on the understanding that musical tones can lift us up to heights of feeling great. Combining the Chinese method of important points of energy in the body through the meridians and using musical tones on these points is intended to release unwanted emotional energies stuck in the body. The client should feel relaxed, free and released after treatment of Acutonics.

Bach Flowers
Dr. Bach made the use of flower therapy famous in our times. This method was actually used by the Egyptians and was lost to our societies until Dr. Bach's famous discovery.  Today his flower essences can be found in many pharmacies worldwide. His method uses 38 different flowers intended to deal with all emotional problems. (See Flower Chart).   http://www.bachcentre.com/   http://www.bachcentre.co.uk/

Bush Flowers
Ian White from Australia produces these wonderful flowers. The Bush means the Australian Desert where there is almost no contamination from humans.  These flowers have a wider range of uses intended to help deal with our modern problems which have developed because of the intense way we live today.  http://www.ausflowers.com.au/

Healing QE (Timeless Healing)
Brand new healing method that is revolutionary and has amazing results. Quantum Entrainment is taught by Frank Kinslow who has been developing this new method over a period of 30 years or more. Only in the last couple of years has he been teaching this method of healing to groups. The healing takes place on a different dimension of awareness which is so pure that it works from within minutes to days, the quickness of which has never been seen in this world. I had the good fortune to be in one of Frank Kinslow's healing groups and it is an honor to help heal people.

The Sedona method
There is an enormous amount of power in us when we learn to let go.  The  transformation this method can bring about in our lives is "The Secret".  You will love the fact that it’s ridiculously simple to learn and to master, and easily the most powerful tool you’ve ever used to help you take giant leaps forward in your life whether you’re trying to overcome self-sabotaging emotions, become more successfully financially and in your career, dramatically improve your relationships, health or happiness … no matter what your personal goals!

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