Have you asked why?

This is a new and very unique course.
Teaching you to achieve peace, boundless joy and good health with ease.
Just by attending the course, you will be led to change yourself effortlessly.
You have the power to be peaceful and happy creating a pleasant and tolerant environment.
All you have to do is take the first step.
All that is required is to overcome the fear of change!

Study of self-empowerment and personal awareness!

The purpose of the Academy is to help others be free from suffering
We suffer because of our thoughts which affects everything.
The course changes our Relationships and goals allowing for abundance in our lives.
Changing our thoughts changes our lives and the lives of those around us.
We see and feel the changes within us and others as everyone seems calm and happier.

Alternative Treatments

The tools given by me will allow a person recognize and understand themselves.
When one knows who he is, resolve internal conflicts bringing one to accept one’s self and to self-love.
When we love and accept ourselves we then know how to really accept and love others.

Study of self-empowerment and personal awareness.

Each semester includes workbooks, small cards of focusing and other material included in each semester.
There is no obligation to buy books, (not included).
Change happens as a process and we need time to change!
The changes happen effortlessly while studying through the semesters.


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Courses in spiritual coaching

The mission of S.O.U.L – School of Universal Love, is to bring wholeness, joy and happiness into the lives of anyone who wishes to have them.Our longing for wholeness never seems to be satisfied no matter how many times we go out and buy that dress, computer or toy.  No one ever taught us that everything we need, to be happy and whole is FREE. All we need to do is just reach out and take it!!! It is so simple that most of us do not think of it or believe it is possible. The only real question is how much do we really want a different way of living. How deep is the longing to be whole and happy. The techniques are very simple and quick to learn.  In our fast moving world we do not have time for years and years of trying to release our negative emotions and that is why, after years of trying different ways, looking for the best methods, S.O.U.L came about. It is affordable to anyone who feels the time is right for a change in their lives.
When you are ready to take back what is yours, S.O.U.L would love to help you achieve your dreams.

This amazingly quick technique will help you release your negative emotions of fear, anger, depression, jealousy, pain and lack of self confidence in a very short time.  It can be used anywhere and any time and in minutes you will feel relief of any unwanted emotion that are disrupting your peace.

The Work  –  (Byron Katie)
You will learn how to release your mind from criticism, expectations and judgments leaving you in a state of joy, calmness and peace as you do The Work.  With just 4 questions and a turnaround you will find your judgments leaving you.

Law of Attraction
Everyone wants to attract into their lives many great things, yet no matter how many books we read about this, or films we see, there is always the feeling left that its all very well, but how can we actually do this.  In this course you will be given practical exercises and many simple tools that will amaze you enabling change of anything you want in your life.

The Sedona method
There is an enormous amount of power in us when we lean to let go. The
transformation this method can bring about in our lives is :The Secret".
You will love the fact that it’s ridiculously simple to learn and to master, and easily the most powerful tool you’ve ever used to help you take giant leaps forward in your life whether you’re trying to overcome self-sabotaging emotions, become more successfully financially and in your career, dramatically improve your relationships, health or happiness … no matter what your personal goals!

Your Immortal reality
A refreshing new look at ourselves.I call this the icing on the cake.  This course will give us an amazing understanding of what we are doing here, will answer age old questions that have been asked, but never answered, and show you an amazing way to heal yourself.

We take all the tools that we have learned and put them together in a really simple system that will serve us always, we will never feel helpless and will always know how to direct our lives exactly to our needs and requirements at any given moment.

Each course interconnects and should be done in the correct sequence.
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